em · pow · er


- make (someone) stronger and more confident,
especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.




- fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or
feel something, especially to do something creative.




- provide (someone) with a motive for doing something.
stimulate (someone\\'s) interest in or enthusiasm for doing something.

About Us

Recovery Coaching

We dedicate ourselves in service to the awareness, education and expansion of understanding of addiction, treatment and recovery management. We are Internationally Certified Master Addictions Coaches, Family Support Experts, Executive Recovery Specialists & Certified Interventionists. We offer an innovative and valuable selection of addiction recovery services & support. Our goal is to educate, motivate and empower each individual client. We provide services focused on getting the help you need and then assist you to maintain long term recovery. We specialize in behavioral modification, personal development and consciousness expansion. Our focus is on confronting the root cause of the addiction, then activating a solid course of action that leads to life changing results.  We will assist you to overcome guilt, shame and reckless self-sabotaging behaviors that are associated with addiction. We can bring the addiction and behavioral modification services to your doorstep, office, on tour or in the studio. We use proven techniques and evidence based practices and we get results.

  • Recovery Coach
  • Executive Recovery Coach
  • Family & Couples Coach
  • Food Addictions Coach
  • Diet & Nutrition Coach
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Coach
  • Certified Intervention Services
  • Sober Companion
  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Executive Sober Associate
  • Budget & Financial Coaching
  • Relapse Prevention Plans

Our coaching methods and expert support are customized to suit the needs of each client. We take the time to get to know you as an individual while offering a safe, secure, respected and non-judgemental environment. We intimately relate to our clients on a personal level through our own professional development and our extensive personal experience with addition recovery. Our services may begin with a professional intervention & family support services or individuals may want help finding resources for detox, treatment & harm reduction and community-based support groups.

We offer a distinct group of services including extensive family support components and interventions. We are sober advisors, sober companions as well as Recovery Management Specialists for our executive and high profile clientele. We flawlessly integrate ourselves and our professional coaching and recovery management options alongside you during the addiction moderation & recovery process. We can seamlessly shadow in a “Sober Associate” role within your organization, business, profession or lifestyle. We guarantee the highest level of care and concern is given to your confidentially, professional imaging and personal integrity. Our success and effectiveness is based on guaranteeing confidentiality and respecting your privacy.

Families and couples who are affected by and witnessing the self-defeating behaviours of the disease of addiction will benefit significantly from our services and support. We also know individuals already in recovery can sometimes reach limits, become stagnant or may have drifted away from a healthy recovery path. We will re-awaken those that are missing a natural level of passion and purpose in their lives. Our effective relapse prevention programs will inhibit your return to addiction.

We take a holistic approach to addiction recovery, acknowledging that all aspects of the mind, body and spirit are affected by active addiction and therefore all aspects require healing for sustained recovery. We treat the whole individual not just the addiction. We create a customized plan that may implement such things as:

  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Personal Healthcare Development
  • Stress & Anger Management
  • Meditation
  • Interpersonal Skill Development
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Couples & Family Support
  • Alternative Health Methods
  • Relapse Prevention Planning
  • Consciousness Expansion
  • Therapeutic Bodywork
  • Self-Esteem Development
  • Self-Care Regimes
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching
  • Addiction Medicine Education

We also provide support in both 12 Step and non 12 step models. Our commitment is to help you transform your life into one of purpose, passion and freedom from addiction.

Our extensive services are provided by appointment as one on one session’s offered hourly, daily, weekly or by blocks of times as needed for more focused and individualized assistance. We are on hand to offer 24/7 live in care as required. We offer mobile support and will travel to your home, office, organization or wherever you need us to be. We also offer e-coaching via Skype, Phone and Instant-Messaging. We are also accustomed to travelling with our clients and provide recovery coaching and sober companion services worldwide.

We have a policy that guarantees 100% Confidentiality to protect your identity and keep your information private.

Our Founder

Sheila Wach

Sheila Wach

Sheila Wach is a changemaker and transformational leader.  She is an Empowering Teacher, Addiction & Consciousness Educator, Certified Master Addictions Coach and an accomplished international entrepreneur. She is also a teacher of fearlessness, motivational speaker and spiritual wayshower. She combines these talents with an incredible sense of humor and articulation as well as a gripping understanding of addiction, recovery and consciousness evolution. She will motivate your success in recovery and in your life and she will help unlock your true potential.

Sheila has over 15 years of experience dealing with drug & alcohol addiction and recovery management. She knows how to reach deep into the minds of alcoholics and addicts and uncover and discover a pathway to recovery, healing & self mastery. Her unique no nonsense style is very personalized and she brings considerable knowledge and scientific intelligence into her work. Her solution-focused methods confront the root cause of the addiction while offering her clients compelling support by co-creating a powerful course of action. She does this while providing a safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment and a humanistic approach to her coaching.

Sheila is an accomplished, well-travelled professional. She has 26 years of executive experience in the business world and 17 of those years have been spent internationally, operating businesses entrepreneurially. Her prior experience includes working for 10 years within the entertainment and music industry which makes her well versed working with high profile & affluent clientele.

Sheila spent much time navigating her own battle on the front lines of addiction and claims a great deal of her wisdom and personal success comes as a direct result of her own journey. In fact, she knows her own history is what makes her the magnetic force she is and the very feature that positively influences the lives she touches.

Sheila considers herself a culinarian and others know her as an entertaining hostess. She is not shy about her passion for food. She simply enjoys entertaining and celebrating with all those she loves. She also has a hunger for knowledge and calls herself a behavioral analyst and consciousness researcher. Sheila is an agent of evolutionary change and is always adjusting her focus on her professional and interpersonal skill development. She uses a powerful heart centered approach in order to skillfully touch the lives of those around her.

Her methods are transformational and she does it with exceptional ease. Her confidence, enthusiasm and positivity are a natural part of her character as well as her own holistic lifestyle and personal self-care regime. She maintains a regular practice of meditation, exercise and a healthy balanced diet. She has a powerful and inspiring message of recovery and she gets results. She teaches, motivates and empowers her clients to tackle life’s challenges and cultivate a plan of action that will alter them in ways they previously thought unimaginable.

“Remain fearless, awakened and optimistic. You are about to become your best self.”

I.M.A.C.*        International Master Addictions Coach

N.C.R.C.*       Nationally Certified Recovery Coach I & II

N.C.I.P.*        Nationally Certified Interventionist Professional

N.C.F.A.C.*    Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach

N.C.F.C.*        Nationally Certified Family & Couples Coach

N.C.A.M.P.*   Nationally Certified Anger Management Practitioner

  • Executive Recovery Coach
  • Executive Sober Associate
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Coach
  • Sober Companion
  • Sober Coach
  • Sober Transport
  • Stress / Anxiety / Anger Management
  • Diet & Nutrition Coaching
  • Career Coaching

Sheila offers hourly, daily, weekly or 24/7 support services as required. Appointments take place in person, one-on-one, at a location of the clients’ choice or through our e-coaching services. She travels worldwide as needed and provides customized addiction recovery services. Contact Us.

*Credentialed by The Addictions Academy – N.A.A.D.A.C Approved Education Provider


What’s with the hawk?

At I.A.S we use the hawk as a spirit animal which represents a type of “life force” that supports the work we do and the services we provide.  READ MORE