“It’s Not Your Fault!”


No Blame

Upon meeting or during my first call with a new client…I am always prepared to unleash a part of me that will quickly turn a moment of despair and darkness into a moment of much relief and hope. One of the first remarks I make is always the same: “It’s NOT your fault you’re an addict / alcoholic. It’s your fault when you DON’T do something about it”

Addiction is a neuro-chemical disease originating in brain chemistry and triggered by stress.  It is a disease of your thinking — it doesn’t originate in the drugging or drinking.  Those are just the symptoms.

You are not broken, bad, wrong or one of the “anonymous people”.  You have defects in your thinking & neuro-biological processing. The healing you need comes when you set aside what you THINK you know and open up to a new experience. You already know your mind is not your friend when you are in active addiction or alcoholism. If you THINK willpower, a better job, a new relationship, more money or prestige will make a difference, you will only end up taking others down with you – AND – you will just continue suffering.  When you allow someone to help who really understands addiction and who knows what that hamster wheel in your head feels like, I assure you,… your life will quickly change.

Remember, intense uncertain input …only creates intense painful output. It’s time to change the way you think…and the way you are living.  If you want to change and eager to get past the shame, blame and guilt, let us help you get your life back.  Or….for some of you….let us introduce you to a life you’ve never imagined you could have!