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Real….is Rare!

True victory is found in self-mastery and by making the unconscious conscious.   It happens the exact moment you release the song in your soul and tap the rhythm of your heart. It’s when you wake up and remember who you really are. Addiction makes you lose access to your brilliance. It lowers your frequency and […]

“It’s Not Your Fault!”

No Blame Upon meeting or during my first call with a new client…I am always prepared to unleash a part of me that will quickly turn a moment of despair and darkness into a moment of much relief and hope. One of the first remarks I make is always the same: “It’s NOT your fault […]

Mindsight & the Addicted Mind

Mindsight and the Addicted Mind Do not be afraid to face the awkwardness and sometimes strong feelings that may come up when you confront old patterns of belief and expectations within yourself. Forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love, gratitude, and willingness to open your heart and let go of the issues and judgments of the past will […]

Disease Model of Addiction Dr. Kevin T. McCauley

Simply put, I am a BIG fan of Dr. Kevin T. McCauley’s research into the disease model of addiction. He is an accomplished medical doctor. He has conducted over 10 years of compelling addiction research and he has triumphed over his own personal experience with addiction & recovery. He has no other goal but to […]

Using the Hawk as a Spirit Animal

The spirit animal represents a “life force” that supports the work we do and the services we provide. My journey with the hawk as a spirit animal started some time ago. It came into focus in many ways over and over again. My friend Annie urged me to pay attention. It began revealing itself in […]