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True victory is found in self-mastery and by making the unconscious conscious.   It happens the exact moment you release the song in your soul and tap the rhythm of your heart. It’s when you wake up and remember who you really are.

Addiction makes you lose access to your brilliance. It lowers your frequency and your ability to consciously evolve. When you find yourself lost in your own shadows, that is the sound of the dissonance in your soul. At that moment, learn to listen closely, because the tempo is about to change.

Addiction originates in brain chemistry and is triggered by stress.  It is a disease of perception, interpretation, disconnection and fear. The drink and drugs are just symptoms.

Your soul is motivated by truth. Your ego is motivated by fear. Recovery is about deconstructing the ego and reprogramming from a higher level of consciousness.  As Albert Einstein emphasized…. “The same mind that created the problem cannot solve it.”

Your truth, your purpose, your limitlessness and your potentiality are all trying to enter the world. That IS the reason WHY you are using and abusing. You haven’t even touched the surface of your greatness.  When you decide to overcome addiction, you set yourself free. It takes fortitude and focus. It takes love and self- respect.

We all have a soul contract and a reason for being here. Believe it or not…you stood before your creator and you ASKED for this! You asked to be given the sign and signals when your reality was not aligned with your truth. Addiction exposes the truth.  It is not a curse. It is a blessing. It is the very instrument that is showing you that your soul is trying to evolve. It’s the real you coming online. Stop holding yourself back. Your vastly untapped and underdeveloped potentiality is right in front of you. It is just waiting for you to show up.

Our societal programming and controlling systems along with our self-limiting, irrational beliefs have proven themselves to inhibit our growth and potentiality.  These have, with time, created a numbed out, dumbed down, fearful, insecure human race.

You want to be your best? Then step into the rhythm of your soul, your truth, your power.  Move into your limitlessness because your victory awaits.

Let your true voice be heard. The only thing you’ll regret is why you waited so long. Reprogram your mind for victory not defeat, because the feeling of victory harmonizes so much better than regret. Come on, be brave, play the song to the end and see where the symphony of your soul can really take you.

Sheila Wach

2017 American Music Awards Official Program

“It’s Not Your Fault!”


No Blame

Upon meeting or during my first call with a new client…I am always prepared to unleash a part of me that will quickly turn a moment of despair and darkness into a moment of much relief and hope. One of the first remarks I make is always the same: “It’s NOT your fault you’re an addict / alcoholic. It’s your fault when you DON’T do something about it”

Addiction is a neuro-chemical disease originating in brain chemistry and triggered by stress.  It is a disease of your thinking — it doesn’t originate in the drugging or drinking.  Those are just the symptoms.

You are not broken, bad, wrong or one of the “anonymous people”.  You have defects in your thinking & neuro-biological processing. The healing you need comes when you set aside what you THINK you know and open up to a new experience. You already know your mind is not your friend when you are in active addiction or alcoholism. If you THINK willpower, a better job, a new relationship, more money or prestige will make a difference, you will only end up taking others down with you – AND – you will just continue suffering.  When you allow someone to help who really understands addiction and who knows what that hamster wheel in your head feels like, I assure you,… your life will quickly change.

Remember, intense uncertain input …only creates intense painful output. It’s time to change the way you think…and the way you are living.  If you want to change and eager to get past the shame, blame and guilt, let us help you get your life back.  Or….for some of you….let us introduce you to a life you’ve never imagined you could have!

Mindsight & the Addicted Mind


Mindsight and the Addicted Mind

Do not be afraid to face the awkwardness and sometimes strong feelings that may come up when you confront old patterns of belief and expectations within yourself. Forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love, gratitude, and willingness to open your heart and let go of the issues and judgments of the past will transform your experience and the rest of your life. We at International Addiction Services are here to move you past the fear and into the next chapter of your amazing life.


Dr. Daniel Siegel, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA school of Medicine,

He coined the term “mindsight” to describe the human capacity to perceive the mind of the self and others. On his website, Siegel writes:

It is a powerful lens through which we can understand our inner lives with more clarity, integrate the brain, and enhance our relationships with others. Mindsight is a kind of focused attention that allows us to see the internal workings of our own minds. It helps us get ourselves off of the autopilot of ingrained behaviors and habitual responses. It lets us “name and tame” the emotions we are experiencing, rather than being overwhelmed by them.


Disease Model of Addiction Dr. Kevin T. McCauley

Simply put, I am a BIG fan of Dr. Kevin T. McCauley’s research into the disease model of addiction. He is an accomplished medical doctor. He has conducted over 10 years of compelling addiction research and he has triumphed over his own personal experience with addiction & recovery. He has no other goal but to help addicts and their loved ones understand addiction. I believe his years of evidence-based research and his dedication to the area of Addiction Medicine deserves the utmost respect.
These are some of his words, his wisdom and his personal journey….

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Using the Hawk as a Spirit Animal

The spirit animal represents a “life force” that supports the work we do and the services we provide.

My journey with the hawk as a spirit animal started some time ago. It came into focus in many ways over and over again. My friend Annie urged me to pay attention. It began revealing itself in the most powerful way when further awakening followed an urge to simply stop being afraid of my own true light. It stirred my awareness and really got my attention. I started to question its symbolic meaning. From that moment on, everything pointed in the same direction. I followed that lead and it brought me here. It kept saying….”Remain fearless and make a difference”…and now, I am convinced I can.

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