Disease Model of Addiction Dr. Kevin T. McCauley

Simply put, I am a BIG fan of Dr. Kevin T. McCauley’s research into the disease model of addiction. He is an accomplished medical doctor. He has conducted over 10 years of compelling addiction research and he has triumphed over his own personal experience with addiction & recovery. He has no other goal but to help addicts and their loved ones understand addiction. I believe his years of evidence-based research and his dedication to the area of Addiction Medicine deserves the utmost respect.
These are some of his words, his wisdom and his personal journey….

Kevin T. McCauley, M.D:

For thirty years, research in neuroscience, psychology and pharmacology has been steadily building in the search for clues about addiction. Recently, this information has coalesced to the point that we now have a good working model of the physiology of addiction. Answers are starting to present themselves about the symptomology of addiction that in the past were perplexing. This more complete picture of addiction leads to better clinical tools to help addicts who in the past were branded as “unwilling” or “reluctant” to recover.

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